Whenever research needs to be done or to answer a query raised, the following challenges come across i.e. without ascertaining below we can’t proceed:
  • Whether the information we have, is updated?
  • Do we have all related, crucial information which is available in bit and pieces i.e. authored/published by varying individuals/institutions; and
  • How to bring scattered information at one place, in requisite formatting and arrangement.

Specially, when we need to research or answer a query relating to corporate laws, there come numerous doubts:

  • Is the law book we have is updated?
  • Completeness issue i.e. is there any related circulars/notifications/guidelines issued by regulatory authorities?
  • How to consolidate information scattered in a book or different books and pages; and arrange it?
  • How notes can be taken? Many of us don’t feel right writing on books…
  • Law books usually get very bulky…impossible to take away in meetings and court rooms.


This is an internet web based application, created with the vision to make Knowledge, in order.

  • Updated information
  • Archive one previous version.
  • Citations.
  • Notes can be taken.
  • Flagging option
  • Tagging option
  • Highlight option
  • Underline option
  • My eClippings feature
  • Linked-up information.
  • Legal Advice option.

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