Canada's deficit shrinks

Department of Finance, Canada reported that, Canada's monthly budget deficit fell in July from a year earlier..(Read details)


United Kingdom:

Brother Beats Brother in Labour Vote

In a battle of the brothers for the leadership of Britain’s Labour Party, the younger of the two, Ed Miliband, 40, was elected on Saturday..(Read details)



WikiLeaks spokesman steps down

The spokesman for online whistleblower WikiLeaks announced his resignation in a media interview released Saturday..(Read details)



Goldrates hit all-time highs

Almost globally Gold hits all-time highs ranging $1,300/ounce..(Read details)



Pakistani Banks have written off Rs.50.5 Billion in last 2 years.

It was detailed to National Assembly of Pakistan that..(Click for details)



Flood Emergency in Pakistan

ADB President, gave statement at the High-Level Ministerial Meeting (Read Details)



Chilean miners freed. It was an extra ordinary rescue operation lasting 2 months, to get free 33 Miners who were trapped in a mine rock down 2,050 meter of earth surface.



A weak response was witnessed in Pakistan Investment Bonds (PIBs) auction, as participating amount was lower than the target amount of Rs. 20 billion. (Read Details)



The Federal Government has announced to reduce its Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) by 30%, from Rs.280 billion to Rs.196 billion.



"Self driving car" unveiled by Germany Scientists. Designed by Free University (FU), it uses cameras, laser scanners and satellite navigation to sense other vehicles and passer-by and deal wiith traffic situations.